What Makes Us Wise?

Our team of experts is complemented by an extensive network of public affairs professionals and strategic communications assets throughout the country.

The Wise Difference

Wise Public Affairs is not a traditional public relations firm. We work aggressively on behalf of our clients to identify, neutralize and/or mitigate reputational and regulatory risk through results-driven strategic advocacy campaigns, risk management planning, and due diligence initiatives. Our team advises corporate executives on practices for proactively identifying and planning for threats from market competitors, the media, regulatory agencies, activist groups and other outside forces.

Ethics of Influence

Wise Public Affairs Managing Partner Brian J. Wise, explained the basis for our unique business model in a series of articles published in the The Hill. Articles and information can also be found at EthicsofInfluence.us[Disclaimer – The titles of these articles were changed by the editors of The Hill and do not necessarily represent the content of the article or the views of the author.]

Real Life Lobbying Looks Too Much Like House of Cardspublished Aug 17, 2016

PR Firms Should Focus on Winning Over Cashpublished Aug 18, 2016

Blame Citizens United for unsavory political consultingpublished Aug 19, 2016

When You Win, We Win

Wise Public Affairs structures client engagement in a different manner than traditional public relations firms. For non-retainer, project based contracts that have clear objectives and quantifiable results, we prefer to structure a project fee + performance/ win bonus. We believe that the most effective way to structure these contracts is to incentivize performance and effectiveness. Therefore we do not charge large profit margins on billing hours to our clients. Instead, our fee includes our staffing, administrative, and overhead costs for the project, for a pre-determined length of time. If we achieve the objectives of the campaign during that time, we receive a win bonus. This also incentivizes us to achieve those results as quickly as possible, since we make the same amount of money whether the project takes one month or 12 months. This is in contrast to monthly retainer engagements with other firms which incentivize ineffectiveness and delayed results, since the longer it take to complete the project, the more they get paid.

This business model means that when you win, we win. It also means that you won’t be paying the 600-850% markup that most traditional public relations firms charge for their billable hour model for a campaign that may not achieve its objectives. We are so confident in our ability to WIN for our clients, that we are literally willing to put our money (profit) on the line. This means that we, as a firm and your partner, have a stake in the outcome of the campaign.

We provide the high-quality results of a large agency with the client-focused attention of a boutique firm.

Our Promise never broken

We promise that if we are not the most effective partner for your project or the most efficient use of your resources, we will let you know. If a traditional public relations agency can better meet your needs, we will advise it.

Join Our Team wise enough?

WPA is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. View job postings for current employment opportunities or contact us and tell us why we can’t live without you.

Advocate Boot Camp™ advocacy training

Advocate Boot Camp™ is an intensive one-day advocacy training program that will train your employees, supporters, or stakeholders to become effective grassroots advocates.