Charitable Consulting
and Nonprofit Management

Vetting and managing nonprofit organizations to ensure
charitable investments are used efficiently and effectively.

Charitable Consulting

Charitable Giving Assessments

Our team of experienced former nonprofit executives and researchers make sure your charitable dollars are invested wisely by identifying effective organizations and screening out those with undesirable political affiliations or undisclosed objectives.

Corporate and Individual Image Campaigns

Helping you leverage your charitable giving to demonstrate your commitment to a cause. Ideal for:

  • Professional athletes, poker players, actors and musicians
  • Philanthropists and high net-worth individuals
  • Corporations and foundations
  • Foreign governments

Political Contributions

We offer unbiased assessments of the viability of races, and provide recommendations on where political contributions can be invested most efficiently based on independent analyses of the candidate, the campaign leadership, and the campaign’s primary tactics.

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Development

The experienced executives at Wise Public Affairs have a proven record of developing, managing, and growing new nonprofits. Our services include managing corporate filings, brand development, budgets, staffing, strategic planning and program development.

Operational Audits

Wise Public Affairs conducts audits on organizational operations, leadership, staffing, and programs to provide donors with the confidence they need to know their investment is making a difference.

Temporary Executive Staffing

Wise Public Affairs can provide your organization with an impartial voice and the temporary executive leadership it needs during periods of organizational challenge and change.

Board of Directors Development and Training

The Board of Directors can be your organization’s biggest asset, or its greatest liability. With experience working with a wide array of professional and volunteer Boards, our team can help your organization maximize the effectiveness of your Board.

Budget Development and Program Management

The priorities and values of nonprofit organizations can be seen by where they invest their resources. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to determine how best to invest their resources to have the greatest impact.