Media Training

Media Training

Media Training is a critical component to the preparation for any executive or representative of your company or organization to conduct interviews. Wise Public Affairs will conduct half-day or full day media training sessions to ensure that your representatives are well-equipped, and most importantly, feel comfortable going into any type of interview situation.

Why Wise Public Affairs?

The Senior Media Training team at Wise Public Affairs has trained some of the most high profile corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities. Ranging from Middle East Ambassadors to Fortune 100 CEOs, athletes to actors, and members of Congress and their staff, our proven training system equips the trainees with the tools, experience and confidence they need to succeed in any interview. Wise Public Affairs is led by Brian J. Wise, a veteran Network News Producer who spent his career working for ABC News, CBS News and Fox News Channel. Working with such shows as Good Morning America, 20/20, 60 Minutes and Fox News Sunday, this experience offers our clients a unique opportunity to learn from someone who has “been there” and conducted hundreds of interviews himself.

Why does this work?

The Wise PA media training program puts our clients through the most difficult interview scenarios possible. This is done with the firm belief that if our clients can make it through our interview scenarios, they will be comfortable in any situation they may encounter. We have experience training over 200 clients with this system and have found it to be the most effective preparation for our clients to be able to engage in a wide range of media opportunities.

What type of interviews do you prepare for?

It is our goal to prepare our clients for every type of interview they may encounter, as well as prepare them for both hostile and friendly interview situations. Here are the various types of interviews:

  • Editorial Board Interviews
  • Print Phone Interviews
  • Live Radio Interviews
  • Television Studio Interviews (One-on-One or Multi-Guest)
  • Television “In the Box” / Remote Interviews
  • Radio and Television “Man On The Street” Interviews
  • Taped Television Interviews
  • Debate Style Interviews

Our technique

  • Wise PA simulates the interview situations that our clients may encounter in real life scenarios.
  • One of our experienced trainers will then conduct the interview to prepare our clients for what they can expect from a variety of situations.
  • Once the interview is completed we review either the audio tape (for radio interviews) or the video tape (for television interviews) with our clients and their team:
    • Identify examples of good performance
    • Identify areas to improve
  • At the conclusion of the training our clients will be given:
    • A video of their training
    • An overview of messaging/ talking points
    • A list of recommendations

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